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Our Video Channels & Footage Archive

Historical Machines TV

Historical Machines TV is our premier streaming channel, offering full length feature videos, along with high quality long form video clips not available elsewhere.

For less than the cost of a cup of coffee or a donut per month, you'll can enjoy an ever expanding catalog of the material we've filmed, and you'll help us to continue to film these vehicles, aircraft and people for posterity, before it's too late.

In addition to having on-demand access to the streaming video material, HMTV subscribers receive significant discounts on HAFU's various merchandise offerings, and can become active members in a community of Historical Machine enthusiasts via our email mailing list discussion group.

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Historical Machines TV



Historical Machines Freeview

Historical Machines FreeView is our original free-to-view channel on YouTube, offering shorter video clips, along with teaser clips for the longer form material found on HMTV.

Since 2010 our free-to-view channel has garnered a loyal worldwide following with over 88,000 (free) subscribers, and the published clips have been viewed over 54 MILLION times! While this highlights the quality of material that HAFU produces, it should be noted that in future the best of our material will be restricted to the Historical Machines TV channel only.

By all means click here to view the Historical Machines Freeview channel, but if you'd like to support us to continue to produce more videos of the type on that channel, please consider subscribing to Historical Machines TV as well.

 One of the recently released videos on Historical Machines FreeView.


Our Footage Archive Is Available For Production Companies

We can (and do) make some of our high resolution photographs or video footage available for use in books, magazines, broadcast TV programmes, or other documentary video productions.

In general you should expect to pay for the use of our library footage and/or still images, as it does cost us to capture and archive the material in the first place. Likewise there is a time factor and cost involved with dealing with individual requests that we have to take into consideration However, we always to try and keep useage and licensing charges to a reasonable and realistic level.

We're happy to hear from you. In the first instance you should explain to us what your project is, what resources you are looking for and what you want to do with the material we provide. You should also make us an offer of how much you are willing to pay for the material. Generally we do not have a fixed schedule of fees as we prefer to negotiate with you a fee that is appropriate for the use of the material and one that fits within your production budget (we find this approach is more equitable for production companies of various sizes).

Please note that the videos on our Online Channels represent only a portion of what we have in our archive, particularly with respect to our footage of World War One aircraft. We currently have what is probably one of the worlds largest archives of contemporary footage of World War One aircraft types.

If you have any questions about this site, what we do, or indeed anything else, email us at:



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