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Two Collectable Napoleonic Miniatures by W. Britains

- On Offer Until 30th November 2015

We are offering for sale two 54mm Napoleonic Miniatures by W. Britains, the first is a standing Napoleon Bonaparte (36007) as seen at right, and the second is a miniature of The Duke Of Wellington mounted on his horse Copenhagen (36048).

These two figures are HIGHLY collectable for anyone interested in Napoleonic history, as on the 18th of June 2015, EXACTLY 200 years to the day after the Battle of Waterloo, these two miniatures were present on the Waterloo battlefield in Belgium.

See the photographs at the bottom of this page which were taken from the right hand side of Napoleon's lines, looking toward the Lion Monument in the distance (which is roughly at the centre of Wellington’s lines).


There will never be another sale like this — we had two sets of Wellington and Napoleon on the battlefield on the 18th June 2015 — we'll be keeping one set and so this is the only set of the two famous generals that will be available for sale. Of course you can pick up these miniatures elsewhere, but it's doubtful that you'll find anyone else was crazy enough to actually have them (and photograph them) at Waterloo on the actual bicentenary day of the battle.

The miniatures will be provided in their original boxes (as seen below), and we'll also provide high resolution copies of the photographs of the two miniatures at Waterloo.


Offers Only

This is a one-off sale, and due to the fact that it is unique, we're not going to indicate an asking price, but we're going to open the floor to offers to ensure that a fair price is agreed upon.

If you find these two miniatures desirable and would like to make us an offer, then send us an email message at this address:


and include your name, country the miniatures would need to be delivered to, and your offer in US$ or GB£.

Offers close on the 30th of November 2015, and we'll advise all 'bidders' of their success or failure on the 1st December (New Zealand time).

Please note that shipping and insurance will be charged extra, and will be organised and negotiated at the time with the succesful bidder. It shouldn't be too much.

Our preference is to sell both miniatures together as a set, however if anyone is particularly fond of only one of the generals, then ensure your offer email stipulates that, and we may consider breaking them up depending on the level of interest.

We reserve the right to accept any offer we choose to, whether it's the highest or not, and we also reserve the right to not sell the miniatures if we decide that none of the offers reach a suitably realistic price for such a unique collection.

Click the image above to enlarge the photos.

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