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Miscellaneous Merchandise

We have a digital storefront on the Spring (formerly Teespring) platform which enables us to offer you a variety of general merchandise items, including huge wall tapestries printed with some of our iconic photos and designs.

If you've seen one of our photographs somewhere else (e.g. our Facebook page), and you'd like a specific image on a merchandise item, feel free to email us at the address in the footer below, and we'll be happy to set up a new product with that image for you.

Note: subscribers to our Historical Machines TV channel get a permanent discount on all merchandise items in the store.


General Merchandise Categories


Popular Wall Tapestries

Our Wall Tapestries, printed at high resolution on a fine weave fabric, are one of our most popular merchandise products—probably because they're so good at covering a huge area of a wall, particularly in a hangar or man cave!

There are three sizes available: 51" (1.3m), 68" (1.7m) or 88"(2.2m) wide—that's huge!!

Please note that the background colours on some of these tapestries are samples only, and you can pick your own colour when you purchase a tapestry.

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