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WoW MiniatureWings of Glory: Balloon Busters Expansion (De Guibert) - NZ$95.00        

Wings of Glory is a game series which merges card and board game mechanics including these optional 1/144 scale miniatures to recreate World War One aerial combat.

The Balloon Buster Expansion Set is a special kit for Wings of Glory miniatures, featuring a 1/144 scale Caquot - Ae800 balloon miniature (good for every nation at war) and an Allied Nieuport 16 with Le Prieur air-to-air rockets. Two versions of the kit are available, with different color schemes for both the balloon and for the airplane. Both include an assortment of decals to customize the balloon models. The twenty page rules booklet explains how to add balloons and Le Prieur rockets to your Wings of Glory battles, plus offers a number of exciting new missions so you can jump right in!

This set includes:

  • A yellow Caquot M/Achthundert English Ae 800 balloon with base and pegs.
  • 9 decals: 3 US roundels, 3 British roundels, 3 Russian roundels (one for each side plus a spare).
  • A brown French Nieuport 16 of the 62e Escadrille flown by the two French pilots de Guibert & Grandmaison.
  • Four airplane cards for Johnson, Prince, de Guibert, Grandmaison.
  • 1 R maneuvre deck for the Nieuport 16.
  • 1 D damage deck (for rockets).
  • 3 machineguns/targets cards.
  • 1 altitude table card + Rulebook +21 counters.

  Wings of Glory Minatures: Balloon Busters - De Guibert



NZ$95.00 each

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