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Classic Fighters Special Edition 2005 DVD - NZ$25.00    

CF2005 DVDAlmost three hours of great aviation video on one disk, featuring the aircraft, and other military hardware displayed at Classic Fighters 2005, and including some excellent footage of most of the Omaka-based aircraft.

This is more than 'just an airshow video'! The material certainly highlights the airshow, but also provides lots of great footage, dramatic scenes and interesting info about the aircraft, for people who were not there on the day. Even if you weren't at the show, this is still a great aviation video, and has lots to interest all aviation enthusiasts.

In addition to 128 minutes of airshow footage, this dual-layer disk also includes ten slideshows totallying almost 25 minutes of previously unpublished photographs from the show. Other special features include:

• original WW1 photographs of the New Zealand Rifle Brigade in action in France, near Le Quesnoy

• an animated map of the Normandy Campaign in France during 1944, illustrating the significance of this year's WW2 ground theatre

• an additional four minute video montage of footage from the show not included in the main production

• the complete Giles 202 aerobatic routine (over seven minutes) as seen from the cockpit of the aircraft

• A short history of Omaka Aerodrome, and an introduction to the Marlborough province (both items previously published).

Special Edition Features: This Special Edition includes several slideshows, the four minute video montage, plus the 'Pilot Cam' aerobatic display which is not included on the standard retail version of the DVD available in Australia and New Zealand.

No Narration: As with the 2003 & 2007 DVDs, one great feature of this disk will be the ability to turn the narration OFF during all of the aircraft display sequences so that you can enjoy just the sound of the aircraft.

Remember to order a copy of the Classic Fighters 2005 Souvenir Edition Book while you're here.

This two hour plus DVD contains:

  • Bristol Fighter F2b (incl air-to-air footage)
  • Fokker Dr.1 (incl air-to-air footage)
  • Halberstadt D.IV
  • Airco DH-2 and Airco DH-5
  • Pfalz D.III
  • Sopwith Camel
  • Lockheed Electra L12a Jnr
  • Percival 'Piston' Provost
  • P-51D Mustang
  • Beech Staggerwing
  • Chipmunk, Dragon Rapide, Fox Moth and Dragonfly
  • Curtiss P-40 Kittyhawk (x2)
  • World War One ground theatre scenario
  • Yak 52 aerobatics
  • SOKO Galeb
  • Cri Cri
  • T-6 Harvard aerobatics
  • RNZAF 757, Orion, Iroquois, CT-4 Airtrainer
  • Giles 202, Edge 540 and Pitts Special aerobatics
  • World War Two ground theatre scenario
  • Consolidated PBY-5a Catalina flying boat
  • Goodyear FG-1D Corsair

plus a variety of other segments and displays.

The Video Trailer

Click the thumbnail above to play the trailer. Length: 3:40.


  Classic Fighters 2005 Special Edition DVD



NZ$25.00 each

Including GST (tax) and postage within New Zealand .



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Cross & Cockade: International Journal 2006
The First World War Aviation Historical Society
Vol. 37 No. 1 2006 Pg 68

Classic Fighters Marlborough 2005

A must-have full evening's entertainment to accompany he book reviewed in the last issue, featuring much more than just fighters. From a successful replica of the pioneering Pither monoplane of 1910 to modern jets, this disc has too many gems to list, but unless you're the pilot , even in New Zealand you'll never see the view from the cockpit of a DH-2 in flight anywhere but on this DVD. The DH-2 is a radial replica, but looks great in the company of the world's only flying DH-5. The Fokker triplanes are out in force again, and one is seen flying over the sea with a Bristol Fighter and also a 'combat' scene with a Sopwith Camel.

The 'Blue Max' Pfalz D.III is now airworthy - just watch it go! Visitors to the show were deprived by weather and engine problems of a re-creation of the race between T.E. Lawrence on his Brough Superior and a Bristol F2B - but the rehearsal is on the DVD. As well as many flying sequences, there are 're-ennactment theatre' scenes from both World Wars, stills galleries historical and modern; and the breathtaking in-cockpit 'pilot-cam' view of Doug Booker's aerobatic display in the Giles 202 is truly 'something-else'. Use the menus to get hours of viewing out of this action-packed disk rather than choosing 'Play All'. .


Aero Australia
Issue 10: April/June 2006 Pg 101

Classic Fighters Marlborough 2005

One of the problems with air show videos and DVDs is the wide variety of quality buyers get for their money. Some are 'amateur hour' productions with poor shooting, sound and editing, while others are very well put together. This is one of the better examples, continuing the high standards set by previous efforts from the same producers.

The 2005 Classic Fighters show in New Zealand and its French theme, mix of WW1 aircraft replicas, more recent warbirds, historic aircraft, battle re-creations and so on was a great success and this captures the event well.

There's some history and background included, a generally good script and interesting shots from ground-to-air, air-to-air and 'from the cockpit'.

A nice touch is that the viewer has the option of 'deselecting' the narration so he or she can just listen to the sounds of the aircraft and the show's ambience.
I was puzzled by one of the battle reemactments that seems to have Manfred von Richtofen involved seven months after he was killed (not the DVD team's fault obviously!) and annoyed by the narrators constant mispronounciation of his name.

Otherwise, this is a good example of how an air show DVD can be done thanks to intelligent filming, scripting, editing and planning.

Classic Wings
Issue 54: Vol 13 No 1, 2006 Pg 47

Classic Fighters Marlborough 2005

This new release, dual soundtrack, DVD features almost three hours of great aviation and military action which took place at Classic Fighters 2005. It includes some excellent footage of most ofthe Omaka based aircraft, the highlight surely being the stunning footage of WW1 legends cruising over the blue water off the rugged Marlborough coast.

For those who attended the show, this film will bring back, often with a large 'Bang', the sights and sounds of the three day show. For those who didn't, the production will show what you missed and give you an incentive to come along to the next event. With great footage and informative narration (which can be switched off) about the aircraft, along with 'in your face' realistic battle sequences, this DVD is a must for all aviation enthusiasts.

In addition there are several special features, including 10 slideshows totalling almost 25 minutes of previously unpublished photographs from the show. One to keep us happy until Easter 2007!


AVIATION TOP 100 - www.avitop.com


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