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'JPS' BMW Motorsport DVD - NZ$24.95   

BMWBMW 635CSi and BMW E30 M3 at Hampton Downs Motorsport Park, New Zealand

During the 2012 New Zealand Festival of Motor Racing at Hampton Downs Kiwi racing legend Jim Richards spent some time reacquainting himself with some of the 'JPS' BMW touring cars he used earlier in his racing career, including one of the M3's currently owned and raced by Australian David Towe.

This disk provides another opportunity to see and hear these vehicles in action, and to be able to experience some of the racing action from the in-car cameras in both the 635CSi and the M3.

No Narration: The video segments on this DVD feature an audio track which does NOT contain narration or music, allowing you to enjoy the sound of the vehicles alone.

This 80+ minute DVD contains:

  • On track car-to-car footage
  • BMW race highlights (x2)
  • Onboard race footage with Jim Richards
  • Onboard race footage with David Towe
  • Interviews (x2)


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About Video Scrapbooks
The HAFU Video Scrapbook Series is designed to provide enthusiasts with high quality collections of motorsport film clips. These are not full documentary programs with running voice-over or narration. Eeach disk is a ‘scrapbook’ collection containing a variety of short film clips, generally between two to fifteen minutes long, which provide scenes of the vehicles in action, the like of which are rarely contained in documentary style DVDs, nor shown on broadcast television.

 JPS BMW Motorsport 2012 DVD

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