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Important Information About Some Of Our DVDs        

You need to be aware of the following information before you order any of the following DVDs:

  • Classic Fighters 2007 DVD (NTSC)
  • Classic Fighters 2005 DVD (NTSC)
  • Classic Fighters 2003 DVD (NTSC)
  • Classic Fighters 2003 Companion Series 01 DVD (PAL)
  • Classic Fighters 2001 DVD (PAL & NTSC)
  • Aircraft In Action Archives 01 DVD (PAL)
  • The Final Flight DVD (PAL & NTSC)

Due to the (expected) limited demand for the versions of the titles listed above, these disks are not massed produced (it's not economical to do so). They are DVDs created by 'duplicating' onto a standard, blank,consumer grade 4.7Gb DVD-R disk.

Not all consumer DVD players read DVD-R disks correctly, so there is a (roughly 2-3%) chance that your DVD player may not correctly read and play your new DVD.

Recent tests show that DVD-R disks usually play in over 97% of the DVD players on the market, with most newer models being quite compatible. The non-compatible players tend to be the earlier and/or very cheap models (many of these players also tend to have problems playing some mass produced DVD titles as well).

Is My DVD Player Compatible?

The following sites provide a variety of 'DVD Compatibility' lists.

Keep in mind that these lists are created based on experience, not on proven manufacturer tests. So over time, experience with playing DVDs on players will change and the lists will change. So when you have a problem with a DVD, use the lists as way to help you decide what you might do next.


What If My DVD Player Is Not Compatible?

Here's what we recommend if you run into incompatibility with any of the Classic Fighters DVDs:

Return your DVD player and exchange for one that is compatible, if you can.
Buy a new player that is compatible. This sounds drastic, but it makes sense as player prices are dropping, and it's better to have a compatible player, especially as other companies also begin to produce short-run DVD titles on DVD-R disks.

Keep the DVD and buy a compatible player in the future when you're ready.
Or, just return the DVD to us and get a full refund. Please email the web master to discuss this issue first, and to obtain a Return Merchandise Number (without that, we cannot accept the refund). 

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