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Historical Aircraft Collectors Card

08: Fokker Dr.1 Triplane 152/17 - Manfred von Richthofen      

This series of collectors postcards are standard size and are printed on high quality card stock. Each card includes details about the aircraft on the back, and plenty of space to write your messages should you actually want to send the card through the mail, rather than keep it.


This card is also available as part of the Collectors Set 02: The Fokker Triplanes.

  Historical Aircraft Collectors Card 08



NZ$1.25 each

Including GST (tax). Free shipping applies only to orders of four or more cards (same or different cards). Orders of 3 or less will incur a postage cost of NZ$0.60 within NZ.



When you're ready to buy all the items you've ordered, simply press the 'Check Out' link below to pay for your items.

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Postcard Back

The back of each card has ample space for writing.


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