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Military Vehicle Twin Pack - Book + DVD   NZ$49.95 incl postage NEW Buy Now

On The Wheels Of History : Volume 01 (Book) PLUS

WW2 Tracked Carriers In New Zealand (DVD)


CoverVehicles And Artillery Of The National Army Museum (NZ) - Book

This is the first time that a comprehensive guide and catalogue of the National Army Museum's military vehicle and artillery collection has been published.

This book features over 350 high quality contemporary and archive photos of 54 different military vehicles and 20 artillery pieces that are part of the National Army Museum collection in Waiouru (New Zealand).

In addition, the book also takes a brief look at the history of the New Zealand Army, and highlights four of the currently serving New Zealand Army vehicles.

This is a great guide and introduction for anyone interested in the New Zealand Army, and the wide range of vehicles and artillery pieces that have served both in New Zealand, and overseas, over the past 150 years.

This book is:

A5 in format/size
Full colour throughout
192 pages long, and
contains 95 full page (A5) photos + over 250 other photos



P40WW2 Tracked Carriers In New Zealand: Bren, Scout, Loyd and Universal Carriesr of The New Zealand Military Vehicle Club - DVD

In 2015 the New Zealand Military Vehicle Club set out to break the world record for the greatest number of working WW2-era tracked carriers gathered together in one location at the same time. At the Wings Over Wairarapa 2015 airshow in Masterton (NZ) the previous Australian record of 17 carriers was well and truly broken by the 27 vehicles of the NZMVC that attended the show and made the record breaking attempt.

Due to its relative isolation, and the enthusiasm of members of the NZMVC (to import other vehicles), New Zealand is home to one of most diverse collections of WW2-era tracked carriers in the world. This DVD documents the record breaking attempt, provides a close look at all the carriers, and includes over two hours of interviews with the vehicle owners and drivers.

This DVD features:

• Detailed video of over 30 carriers
• Owner/Driver interviews
• Nine original WW2 carrier manuals (in PDF format)
• Bonus military vehicle videos


Please note: The DVD is shipped inside the book in a simple a paper sleeve along with the standard paper slip cover, but in this case we DO NOT supply a plastic DVD case. If you wish store the disk along side all your other videoss, you will need to supply your own DVD case.

PAL Format Only: The DVD is only available in PAL format, so viewers in North America or Japan (who normally use NTSC-format disks) will need to play this disk on their computer and not their DVD/TV system.

Below are some example page spreads which will give you an idea of the format of the book.



Including postage to North America, UK or Australia, that's approximately:
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