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tshirtsHAFU Branded Apparel

We have a digital storefront on the Spring platform (formerly Teespring) which enables us to offer you a variety of apparel items, printed with some of our iconic photos and designs.

By purchasing some of these items directly from our storefront, you're helping to further support us (to continue to produce awesome aviation, history, motorsport and vehicle videos), as a percentage of each sale is returned to HAFU.

In addition most items have the 'I Support The Historical Aviation Film Unit' logo printed on the back (as seen at right), which further helps to support and promote our activities.

Note: subscribers to our Historical Machines TV channel get a permanent discount on all apparel items in the store.


General Apparel Categories



Specific Designs



Customised Designs

If you've seen one of our photographs somewhere else (e.g. our Facebook page), and you'd like a specific image on a t-shirt or other item, feel free to email us at the address below, and we'll be happy to set up a new product with that image for you.






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