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These are some of the video projects we're currently working on...

WW1 Aero DVD: The British Fighters

This DVD will feature contemporary video footage and information about the Bristol Fighter F2.b, the Royal Aircraft Factory SE5a and the Sopwith Camel. Each aircraft will be highlighted with some great air-to-air video as well as exciting ground to air and static video footage and photographs.

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Motorsport DVD: Formula 5000

During the early 1970's the Formula 5000 racing car was one of the premier motorsport classes. In recent years interest in this class of vehicle and racing has been revived, and this disk highlights some of the cars and races of recent racing seasons.

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WW1 Aero DVD: The Fokker Dr.1 'Triplane'

This look at the Fokker Dr.1 Triplane will feature previously unreleased contemporary footage of the type, and will also feature the twelve different colour schemes seen on New Zealand based Dr.1s over the past five years.

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WW2 Aero DVD: The Consolidated Catalina Flying Boat

Used by many nations during the Second World War, the Catalina also servered with two RNZAF squadrons in the Pacific Theatre. This disk provides information and previously unreleased video footage of the PPBY-5a currently based in New Zealand.

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Historical Aero DVD: The Yakovlev Yak-52

Sit back and enjoy the view from the back seat of the Yak 52 as the Red Star Aerobatic team put the aircraft through its paces. Enjoying increasing popularity as a relatively cheap yet well performing 'warbird', the Yak-52 is an enjoyable aircraft to watch displayed.

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