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Motorsport DVD: Formula 5000

During the early 1970's the Formula 5000 racing car was one of the premier motorsport classes. In Australia and New Zealand, F5000 replaced the FIA Intercontinental Formula in the Tasman Series from 1970.

CamelIn the late 1960s the Tasman Series had attracted the attention of the many ofthe big names in Grand Prix racing at the time (McLaren, Brabham, Hill etc), and it ran during the Formula One off season in the European winter.

However, by the 1970s, the Tasman Series had become a competitive Australian/New Zealand local championship, and the more famous names were no longer taking part in the races, leaving the field to be dominated by the best of the "Down Under" drivers, racing against a few Europeans.

In recent years interest in this class of vehicle and racing has been revived, and this disk highlights some of the cars and races of recent racing seasons.

Onboard Footage

Along with great race footage from Manfield, Pukekohe, Ruapuna and Teretonga raceways in New Zealand, this disk will also feature more than 80 minutes worth of 'on-board' camera footage giving you the chance to experience the racing from the drivers seat.

Sample Movies

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Please join the Formula 5000 mailing list, or emailing us, if you'd like notification when this product is available (in 2008). The more interest we get, the sooner it will be produced. Also please do let us know if you'd be interested in downloadable versions of the material which can be played on Apple TVs, iPods and other MP4 video players.

About The DVD

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  • contain a minimum of 100 mins of video footage, including on-board camera footage.
  • be available in both PAL and NTSC formats
  • include previously unreleased video footage and photographs

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