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22 April 2009

This weeks HAFU news is:

EVENT: World War One Aircraft Display Day - 25 April 2009
Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2f Video
Airshow Feedback
Wings Over Wairarapa 2009 Highlights DVD Released
German 88mm Flak Gun Video
Wingnut Wings Releases First WW1 Kits

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There's one last significant airshow display event coming up this weekend (details below), and that will just about wrap up the season here in New Zealand.

We've had a great time over the past five-six months at a number of events around the country,and have been witness to some excellent flying displays and superb aircraft debuts. Specific mention and congratulations must go to Brendon Deere's team for their successful completion of the Spitfire Mk.IX, for The Vintage Aviator's stunning Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2f and the historically significant Avro 504k restored by Stuart Tantrum's Antique Aeroworks in Blenheim (NZ).

Coming up this weekend we hope to see the public debut of The Vintage Aviator's amazing Fe.2b - the only aircraft of it's type in the world, along with another public display of the BE.2f and Avro 504k.

As we settle in for the Southern Hemisphere's winter, we'll turn our attention more toward the photos and video that we've shot over the past six months, and hope to be able to release a considerable amount of the new material we have, here on this site and elsewhere over the coming months.

Allan Udy & Alex Mitchell


World War 1 Flying Display On Anzac Day 

TVAThe last significant display in this years airshow season will take place at Hood Aerodrome in Masterton (New Zealand) this coming weekend (25th April).

The Vintage Aviator is holding it's second and final WW1 Air Display day for the season to commemorate ANZAC Day on the 25th April, and it should be a great day to see all the WW1 aircraft that didn't make it across the Strait to Omaka at Easter.

Weather permitting, North Island enthusiasts will get the chance to see the newly restored Avro 504k and Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2f which made their public debuts at Omaka Aerodrome in Blenhiem over Easter. Additionally we should see the first public appearance of the remarkable Fe2.b.

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Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2f video

We've now released a short clip of the April 2009 public display debut of the newly restored Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2f (A1325) owned by New Zealand based 1914-18 Heritage Trust, and restored by The Vintage Aviator Ltd.

A1325 is believed to have been one of a batch of BE.2s delivered to Norway in 1917, and is powered by a newly built reproduction RAF 1a air-cooled engine. Click here for more details about this aircraft and the restoration process.

You'll also find a couple of photographs of the B.E.2f, along with the Avro 504k in our Classic Fighters gallery page (more to come later).

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Feedback For This Seasons Shows

Here at HAFU, we tend to spend a bit of time during New Zealand's airshow season flitting around the country, attending many of the flying events on the calendar. Our relationship with many of the event organisers is such that we can often provide suggestions and comments about the show and how things could be improved and/or what didn't work so well.

Now we're giving you the chance to have your say, via H.A.F.U.! Fill in this feedback form, and we'll pass your comments, good or bad, onto the appropriate show organisers.

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Wings Over Wairarapa 09 DVD Released

WoW 09 Some of you have been asking about a DVD release of material that we shot at the successful Wings Over Wairarapa airshow (Hood Aerodrome in Masteron), back in January. We're very pleased to announce that this is now available at $17.50 including shipping within New Zealand.

This 75+ minute DVD is not a full (i.e. narrated) event souvenir or documentary, but rather a highlights package only (albeit a very good one!). The disk features all the clips we've previously released via YouTube, but also includes a number of other segments not available elsewhere, including a nice short clip of the Sopwith Triplane during the practice day.

The DVD is available in a PAL format only, but is presented in 16:9 widescreen format.

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German 88mm Flak Gun Video

One of the ground theatre stars at this years Classic Fighters airshow held at Omaka Aerodrome in Blenheim over Easter weekend had to be the impressive WW2 German 88mm anti-aircraft gun.

We've released a short, fun little clip of this impressive artillery piece during it's initial firing at Omaka Aerodrome prior to the airshow. The gun arrived in Blenheim unable to fire, and in fairly short order was restored to (blank) firing capabilities by a small team of Dave Lochead, Tim Babb (ex-Royal Tank Regiment), Reece Duncan, Craig Keown and Roger Lauder. Well done guys!

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Wingnut Wings Releases 1/32nd scale kitsets

LVG C.VIFor those interested in aircraft modelling, the recent release of a number of stunning 1/32nd scale World War One aircraft kits by Wingnut Wings has taken the modelling world by storm.

These superb kits are highly detailed and have to be considered to be some of the most impressive 1/32nd scale kits to have ever been released. The good news for modellers is that the first four kits released are just the beginning - the company has a number of additional aircraft kit releases on the drawing board.....


EVENT: Other Events On the AeroHub Calendar

For other smaller events around the country in the comming months, also check out the Coming Events page at the AeroHub site:


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