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1 April 2009

This weeks HAFU news is:

Wings Over Wairarapa - New Photos & Videos Released
New WW1 Aircraft Miniatures for Wings Of War
New Online World War One Arcade Game

EVENT: Classic Fighters 2009 - April 2009
EVENT: Vintage Aviator Anzac Day WW1 Display - 25 April 2009

HAFU Quick Links

Just a quick update this time around to remind you of the major events coming up in April and also to point out that we've released some video clips from the recent Wings Over Wairarapa show for your enjoyment.

Remember, it costs a fair amount of money to put on an airshow, especially if the display lineup includes any warbirds, so please get out there and support the remaining shows for this season.

As always, if you spot us at any of the shows, feel free to say hello! :-)

Allan Udy & Alex Mitchell



Wings Over Wairarapa - New Videos Released

WoW 09The Wings Over Wairarapa event in January 2009 was a great success, despite some
less than optimal weather at times.

After spending a fair bit of time in the editing suite over the past couple of months, we've finally been able to release some of the footage that we shot at the airshow back in January.

All the clips have been added to our YouTube channel page:



Some photo galleries from the show are also available on the Wings Over Wairarapa
web site:


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New WW1 Aircraft Miniatures for Wings Of War

DIIIThe third series of twelve new 1/144th scale miniatures for the Wings of War WW1 Aerial Combat game are now available. The new set comprises three each of the Nieuport 17, Albatros D.III, Ufag C.I and RAF RE.8.

If you enjoy the odd card or board game, then you owe it to yourself to check out this great little game. It's easy, fun, relatively quick to play, and the miniatures
are just superb.


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New Online World War One Arcade Game

DogfightAnd now for something slightly different.... if the idea of playing tabletop games seems a little too '20th century' for you and you'd rather be playing video games, then you should check out the free 'Dogfight 2' game on the internet.

It's a classic arcade shooter featuring anti-aircraft fire, zeppelins, aces, bombers
and bombing missions and it'll have you using up a lot of leisure time until you've
completed all 24 levels of this highly addictive game.


The team that brings you Dogfight 2 also has several other aviation themed
games (all free) on their web site - check them out.

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EVENT: Classic Fighters Omaka 2009 - 10-12 Apr 2009

The team in Blenheim are making plans for the fifth Classic Fighters show at Easter
2009, this year with an Italian theme. For those folks that can't make it to any of
the North Island events this season, or if you just can't get enough aviation
action, then this might be another chance to get your fill -- just don't forget to
pack your favourite Pavaroti CDs and get into the spirit of the theme!

The team at Classic Fighters says (via their web site) we'll get to see 'several
mystery types from overseas' which should make the weekend a special one for
anyone in Marlborough.


NOTE: For those of you attending CF'09, and who have enjoyed the show DVDs and
books that we (HAFU/Golden Micro Solutions) have produced in the past, please
note that we are NOT producing these items for the 2009 show. If a book or DVD
is being produced from this years show, they're being produced by a completely
new team.

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EVENT: The Vintage Aviator Anzac Day WW1 Aerial Display - 25 April 2009

If you have a passion for World War One aircraft, or would like to see what all the
fuss is about with these old 'string bags', make sure you head to Hood Aerodrome
in Masterton on the 25th of April 2009 for the second Vintage Aviator Fighter
Collection Display Day.

The intention of the display afternoon (to be held between 12:00-4:00pm) is to fly
and display as many of the Fighter Collection's aircraft as possible, weather and
aircraft serviceability permitting.


This should be a great chance to catch up with all the WW1 aircraft that didn't
make it across the ditch to Omaka at Easter.

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EVENT: Other Events On the AeroHub Calendar

For other smaller events around the country in the comming months, also check out the Coming Events page at the AeroHub site:


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