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6 November 2008

This weeks HAFU news is:

New WW1 & WW2 Aircraft DVDs Released
Bristol Freighter Taxi Video
Kaikoura UFO Anniversary
Classic Flyers Calendar
Other Christmas Gifts

EVENT: World War One Aircraft Display Day - November 2008
EVENT: Pearl Harbour Open Day At Ardmore - 7th December 2008
EVENT: Kaikoura UFO Reenactment Flight - 30th December 2008
EVENT: Wings Over Wairarapa 2009 - Jan 2009
EVENT: Brew, Blues & BBQs Blenheim - Feb 2009
EVENT: Wigram Open Day - Feb 2009
EVENT: The Vintage Voyage - Feb 2009
EVENT: Classic Fighters 2009 - April 2009
EVENT: AeroHub Event Calendar

HAFU Quick Links

Well, Spring might be officially here but it's still pretty wet and miserable outside at the moment. I've heard it said recently that the weather is supposed to improve soon, and that here in New Zealand at least, we should be looking forward to a long hot summer -- sounds good to me, especially if some of those hot days coincide with the many flying events scheduled for this coming season.

With a significant number of events on this years calendar we're expecting to be zipping around the country quite a bit for the next few months, so look out for us, and do stop and say hello if you can. With an impressive line-up of locally based aircraft, it looks like the displays at Hood Aerodrome in Masterton in both November and January will be ones to watch out for (and all things going well there may be another late in the season as well -- watch this space for more details).

Check out the event details and website links below, and we'll expect to see you there!

Allan Udy & Alex Mitchell


'New' WW1 & WW2 Aircraft DVDs Released

WW1By popular demand, we have released two new 'Best Of' compilations of video segments from the four Classic Fighters airshows held to date.

Classic World War One Fighters, and

Classic World War Two Fighters.

Each DVD contains just the era-specific segments from all four airshows, and each disk features over two hours of video footage.

These disks are designed for those of you who are interested in these specific warbird eras, but who do not want to purchase the entire airshow event DVDs.

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Bristol Freighter Taxi Video

In recent months Alastair Marshall has done great things with Bristol Freighter ZK-CPT at Omaka Aerodrome. He has resurrected the aircraft's two Bristol Hercules engines, and has recently been able to power up the aircraft and taxi about the aerodrome -- the first time the aircraft has moved under its own power in approximately 20 years.

A higher quality and larger version of this video is available on our YouTube Channel.

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Kaikoura UFO Anniversary

ArgosyAlmost thirty years ago on the 30th of December 1978, Safe Air's Armstrong-Whitworth Argosy "Merchant Enterprise" (ZK-SAE) was flying from Wellington to Christchurch in New Zealand, and became a major player in New Zealand's most famous UFO 'incident'.

Now thirty years on in December 2008 a UFO Anniversary programme is being held in Blenheim. This will include a reunion of many of the people involved with the Kaikoura sightings in December 1978, a recreation of the December 30 flight and a day long symposium at the Marlborough Research Centre, and other activities.

Details are available at the Argosy Trusts website at http://www.argosy.co.nz

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Classic Flyers Calendar

The folks at the Classic Flyers Museum in Tauranga have produced a, colourful, A4
size souvenir clandar of the Classic Flyers complex and recent events.

Photos range from the unusual view of the Yak 52 on the cover, to the FG-1D Corsair with folded wings, and the prototype CT4 Airtrainer ZK-DGY, which was hand built by Aero Engine Services Ltd (now Pacific Aerospace Corporation) in Hamilton in 1972.

There are photos of the aircraft based in Tauranga including the Boeing Stearman, the Grumman Ag Cat, and a stunning photo of Hookz’s “Army aircraft” taken against the Welcome Bay Hills. Why not buy them for friends and family for Christmas gifts? They are a good size and weight to post overseas Get yours now -- $23, only from Classic Flyers: http://www.classicflyersnz.com/

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Other Christmas Gifts To Consider

MvRDon't forget about the other items available at our web site, which would make ideal Christmas Gifts:

Collectors Cards

Board & Miniatures Games


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EVENT: The Vintage Aviator Fighter WW1 Remembrance Day - 15 Nov 2008

If you have a passion for World War One aircraft, or would like to see what all the
fuss is about with these old 'string bags', make sure you head to Hood Aerodrome
in Masterton on the 15th of November 2008 for the inaugrual Vintage Aviator Fighter Collection display day.

The intention of the display afternoon (to be held between 3:00-6:00pm) is to fly
and display as many of the Fighter Collection's aircraft as possible, weather and
aircraft serviceability permitting.


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EVENT: Pearl Harbor Open Day At Ardmore - 7th Dec 2008

A New Zealand Warbirds Open Day to be held at Ardmore Airfield (Auckland).

As part of the day’s activities the airfield will be closed for 45 minutes. In this time
slot some aircraft will do some display practice.

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EVENT: Kaikoura UFO Sighting Reenactment Flight - 30th Dec 2008

t exactly 10.10pm on the night of December 30, a Dash-8 aircraft of Vincent Aviation will take off from Woodbourne air base, Blenheim to start an exact re-creation of the remarkable Argosy flight 30 years previously.

A 40 seat twin engine turboprop, the Dash-8 is a comfortable pressurised aircraft which, because of the high-wing design, provides excellent views from every window. The Dash also cruises at the same speed as the Argosy and can exactly replicate the flight of ZK-SAE.  As there are no flying Argosies left anywhere in the world, the Dash-8 is the perfect choice for the replica flight.

There are only 35 seats available, so get in quick if you're interested:


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EVENT: Wings Over Wairarapa - 17/18 Jan 2009

As we noted last time, the (10th Anniversary) Wings Over Wairarapa 2009
airshow is going to be held at Hood Aerodrome in Masterton (New Zealand)
on the 17th and 18th of January 2009, and as always it's going to be a great show.

The WoW website has now been seriously revamped and updated, so make
sure you take a look at:


The WoW team are about to launch their own newsletter (featuring more detailed
info about the show than we can cover here), so if you're keen to keep abreast
of developments for the show in January, make sure you subscribe to their periodic newsletter as well:


With over 70 aircraft to be displayed, including a great selection of both World War 1 and World War 2 aircraft, this will be an awesome show to catch. Make sure you don't miss it!

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EVENT: The Vintage Voyage - 6-8 Feb 2009

Spend a weekend in Gisborne sampling the local produce and immersing yourself in a weekend of aviation fun and nostalgia. The proceeds from this event will be
distributed to the Gisborne Aviation Preservation Society, Gisborne City Vintage
Railway and the MV Takitimu Trust to carry on the great work they have started.

See the web site for details:


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EVENT: Brew, Blues & BBQs - Blenheim - 7th Feb 2009

The traditional Kiwi summer lifestyle, it’s a laid back mix of sunshine, tasty barbecues and nice cool brew with some great music to top it all off. So what's the aviation connection?

Well the aviation minded team from Wigram Brewing in Christchurch will be up in Blenheim for the event, and so you can conbime a trip to see them to have a few cool beers, and to stop in at the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre as well.



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EVENT: Wigram Open Day - 8th Feb 2009

The runway at Wigram (Christchurch) will close permanently to all air traffic on February 28, 2009. With this in mind, the annual Open Day at Wigram will focus primarily on the RNZAF - with a number of their current aircraft participating in static and air displays.

The confirmed date is Sunday 8 February commencing at 10:00am and finishing
at 16:00pm.

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EVENT: Classic Fighters Omaka 2009 - 10-12 Apr 2009

The team in Blenheim are making plans for the fifth Classic Fighters show at Easter
2009, this year with an Italian theme. For those folks that can't make it to any of
the North Island events this season, or if you just can't get enough aviation
action, then this might be another chance to get your fill -- just don't forget to
pack your favourite Pavaroti CDs and get into the spirit of the theme!

Check out the new look CF website at:


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EVENT: Other Events On the AeroHub Calendar

For other smaller events around the country in the comming months, also check out the Coming Events page at the AeroHub site:


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