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27 July 2008

This weeks HAFU news is:

Classic Fighters 2007 DVD To Be Released
Historical Aviation Film Unit website revamped
Wings Over Wairarapa 2009 airshow coming soon
YouTube Channel


..... to the first Historical Aviation Film Unit newsletter. I feel like I've
been away for a while, and now it's great to be back!

Generally there will be two groups of people receiving this message:

1. Those that have previously received newsletters from me, during
the period when I was publishing my Classic Fighters Marlborough
(airshow) newsletter, and

2. Those who have purchased or ordered items from the Historical
Aviation Film Unit since Feb/March 2008. Generally this will be orders
for Classic Fighters 2007 Souvenir Edition Books and/or DVDs
(which we also produce).

If you have received my newsletters in the past you may recall that
my last message in mid-March was to note that I'd stepped back from
my (voluntary) Classic Fighters activities, and to say that my top priority
was to ensure the swift and successful completion of the Classic Fighters
Marlborough 2007 DVD. If you've been waiting patiently for this DVD to be
finished, you'll be very pleased to know that it is about to be released.
See below for exact details on the release date etc.

A second reason for publishing this newsletter now is to let everyone
know that we (Allan Udy & Alex Mitchell) are 'back', in the guise of the
Historical Aviation Film Unit , and that we're planning on releasing
periodic newsletters and updates, as I previously did in the past with
Classic Fighters, but with the emphasis on a wider scope of New Zealand
(and possibly international) warbird and vintage aviation news.

We do appreciate that there is an increasing proliferation of electronic
newsletters and information, and that sometimes it can get a bit much.
For this reason we are only planning on releasing news updates once
every four-to-six weeks at the most, and possibly less frequently than
that. We don't plan to over burden you with a great mass of trivial
information, but we're hoping that you're going to find the information
and news that we do provide of some interest to you.

But before we get to the news items, the first thing that we must do is to
ensure that you DO actually want to be here, receiving our periodic updates.
Over the past couple of weeks we've completed a massive spring clean
of all our email contact and database lists, and it's quite possible that
some addresses that should have been removed or left off this subscribers
list, have mistakenly remained on the list. If this sounds like you, or if you
do NOT wish to receive our HAFU newsletters in future, please send us an
email message (blank if you like) to:


and we will ensure you are removed from the database immediately.
Please note that we are very particular about our database, and we will
never give your email address to any other organisation or company.

That's all for the housekeeping at the moment, let's get on with the news!

Allan Udy & Alex Mitchell

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Classic Fighters 2007 DVD To Be Released

As noted above, after a very long wait, the Classic Fighters 2007 DVD is
about to be released - many thanks to everyone who has shown extreme
patience with us as we've struggled to get the production finished over
the past 10-12 months.

We expect to receive the disk in bulk sometime this coming week, and
so we anticipate that we'll start shipping either on the 1st or 4th of August.
Make sure you order soon as once the disk is shipping, the pre-release
price will no longer apply.

A trailer for the video is available on YouTube:


The disk features well over three hours of awesome aviation action. For
details of what is contained on the disk, check out the page on the HAFU site:


And if you haven't yet picked up your copy of the great little Classic Fighters
2007 Souvenir Edition book, make sure you get that at the same time:


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Historical Aviation Web Site Updated

While the HAFU web site has been live for a while, we decided recently
it was time for a bit of an update, and we've now completed that.

Of interest to many of you will be the new product ranges we've added
to the shop (in addition to the DVD releases). Some of the new items
worth checking out include:

Movie Downloads

A selection of previously unreleased hi-resolution movie clips (640 x 480)
that can be downloaded to your computer or media player (e.g. iPod). The
length of the clips varies from 6-12 minutes, and we're sure that they
represent good value. We're interested in your feedback and comments
as to whether this will be the future of aviation video publishing.......

Collectors Cards

We've released our first batch of Historical Aircraft Collectors (Post)Cards.
This first batch of 16 cards covers many WW1 aircraft, while future releases
will cover more Second World War and later aircraft. Check out the cards,
and feel free to give us some feedback .

Board Games

For those of you who like to spend a little time playing games (e.g. cards or
other board games), you really do owe it to yourselves to check out the
Wings of War series of WW1 Aerial Dogfighting games.

It's been a long time since we've come across a board game which is so easy
and fun to play, and yet which has huge scope for increasing realism and
customisation the more you play. HAFU now markets the range here in
New Zealand. If you're outside of NZ, take a look at our pages, learn a little
about the game, and then rush to your nearest stockist!

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Wings Over Wairarapa 2009

WoW is back!!!

The (10th Anniversary) Wings Over Wairarapa 2009 airshow is going to be held
at Hood Aerodrome in Masterton (New Zealand) on the 17th and 18th of January
2009, and as always it's going to be a great show. This year HAFU are very
pleased to be able to provide some support and sponsorship for the team
in Masterton.

Currently the WoW team are in the process of updating their website, and it'll
be ready to launch fairly soon. In the meantime they're also trying to build up
their own mailing list. So while HAFU will provide a little info about the show
(in our own newsletters) as we get closer to the event, if you'd like to be added
to the Wings Over Wairarapa mailing list in order to receive detailed and
specific information about the show, please send a message to:


We'll then add you to the list and ensure that you get all the details you need
to plan for your trip to Masterton in January next year. With over 70 aircraft to
be displayed, including a great selection of both World War 1 and World War 2
aircraft, this will be an awesome show to catch. Make sure you don't miss it!

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YouTube Channel

For those of you who like to spend a little time in front of YouTube, please note
that you'll find our freely available videos at:


At the moment there's only a dozen or so, but that will be increasing now that
we have a little more time available for editing some of the footage we have
hidden away in our archives. :-)


If you no longer wish to receive these periodic newsletters, follow the link
below to go to our website, and click the Unsubscribe link to send us a message.
We'll ensure you are removed from the database immediately.



AVIATION TOP 100 - www.avitop.com Avitop.com


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