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World War One Aircraft

All of the World War One aircraft featured on this page are (or have been) owned and/or restored/built by The Vintage Aviator Ltd, in Wellington, New Zealand. In some cases the aircraft have changed colour schemes, have been sold, or for one reason or another no longer exist. Despite this The Vintage Aviator Collection remains one of the worlds foremost collections of aircraft from The Great War period.

British Aircraft :: German Aircraft :: French Aircraft

British Aircraft

Sopwith Camel
Sopwith F.1 Camel
Capt Clive Collet

Perhaps the most famous British fighter aircraft of the 'Great War', the Camel became a household name during and after the war. While almost five and a half thousand Camels were produced... More

Bristol Fighter F.2b
Entering service in April 1917, over three thousand of this heavily armed F2b fighter bomber were produced. The introduction of the aircraft did not go well however, as the inexperienced pilots had been... More
Airco Dh.2
Airco DH.2
24 Sqn RFC
The DH.2 was designed by Geoffrey de Havilland as a single seat fighting scout to replace the larger two seater DH.1. Although de Havilland had already designed the B.E.2, a conventional tractor biplane ... More
Airco DH.5
Airco DH.5
Nº14 Battleplane
The Vintage Aviator's replica DH.5 is the only representative of its type in the world today, despite the fact that approximately 550 were built during 1916-1917. By positioning the upper wing toward the rear of... More
Avro 504k
Avro 504 K
Avro 504k replica D8781, was built by AJD Engineering in the UK, and until 2001 was stored at Duxford. The aircraft arrived in New Zealand in mid-October 2002 and was based at Hood Aerodrome in.... More
RAF S.E.5a
Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5a
The S.E.5 (Scout Experimental 5) was developed in 1916 by Henry Folland and J. Kenworthy of the Royal Aircraft Factory in Farnborough. The aircraft was designed around the new 150-hp Hispano-Suiza... More



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German Aircraft

Pfalz D.III
Pfalz D.III
'The Blue Max'

This rare Pfalz D.III replica was one of the stars of the classic 1966 motion picture 'The Blue Max', and is shown here in the original movie colour scheme (including the spurious 'seven-colour' lozenge scheme ... More

Halberstadt D.IV

The D.IV was the final single-seat fighter model produced by the Halberstadter Flugzeug-Werke in 1917. The Halberstadt D.I and D.II models were originally produced in 1916, and while they were ... More

Fokker D.vii
Fokker D.VII
Johann Janzen

The Fokker D.VII was introduced in 1918 and quickly developed a reputation as one of the finest single-seat fighters of the war. So much so that the aircraft type was mentioned specifically in the ... More

Fokker Dr.1
Manfred von Richthofen 152/17

Built in the early 1980's, this full size replica aircraft was the first Fokker Dr.1 to be flown in New Zealand. Up until late 2002, the aircraft wore a generic but spurious lozenge colour scheme. While many ... More

Fokker Dr.1
Hans Kirschstein 558/17
At the beginning of the First World War, Kirschstein saw service in Poland and France with a Sapper unit (3.Pionier-Bataillon 'von Rauch'). By 1915 he was serving in Galicia where he contracted malaria.... More
Fokker Dr.1
Hans Muller
Like Richthofen, Hans Müller initially served in the German Army, but then transferred to the Air Force in 1916. He flew two-seater aircraft until the end of 1917, when he transferred to single-seat fighters... More
Fokker Dr.1
Manfred von Richthofen 425/17

Built by Stuart Tantrum, this full size replica aircraft has been seen at many New Zealand airshows, in three different colour schemes! The aircraft now represents the most famous Fokker Dr.1, the all-over red 425/17 ... More

Fokker Dr.1
Lothar von Richthofen
Like his older brother Manfred, when the First World War initially broke out, Lothar was an officer in the German Cavalry. He transferred to the Imperial German Army Air Service (Luftstreitkräfte) in 1915 ... More
Fokker Dr.1
Richard Wenzl
Wenzl's first two victories were in April and May 1917 while he flew with Jasta 31, but he did not have another victory (an SE5a) until 16th May 1918. Some attribute this victory to Jasta 11, while others note ... More
Fokker Dr.1
Werner Steinhauser
Steinhäuser joined Jasta 11 in November 1917. He was wounded in action and forced to land on 17 March 1918. Having scored ten victories, he was killed in action a few days before his 22nd birthday when ... More
Fokker Dr.1
Hans Weiss
Weiss served as the Commanding Officer of Jasta 11 from the 8th April 1918 until his death on 2nd May 1918, which means that he was the Squadron's CO at the time of Manfred von Richthofens death ... More
Fokker Dr.1
Eberhardt Mohnicke
Little is known of Ltn Mohnicke, other than the fact that he scored all but one of his victories while he was with Jasta 11, and that he was wounded in action on the 1st March 1918. ... More


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French Aircraft

Nieuport N.11
Alvaro Leonardi
Designed by Gustave Delage in 1914, the Nieuport 11 biplane was affectionately known as the "Bébé" (Baby). Originally designed for racing it was light, fast and extremely maneuverable. ... More
Nieuport 24
Nieuport N.24
Charles Nungesser
Developed in 1917, the N.24 was Nieuport's attempt to prolong the success of its line of sesquiplane fighter aircraft, which had begun with the Nieuport 11 and moved through to the Nieuport 17 model. ... More
Nieuport 24
Nieuport N.24
Gilbert Discours
The Nieuport 24 was the immediate successor to the Nieuport 17 but incorporated a number of changes. The streamlining of the N.24 was far better as the fuselage sides were rounded ... More


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