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1920s & 1930s: de Havilland DH.82a Tiger Moth

This famous training aircraft was designed in 1931 as an improved Gipsy Moth, the latter having first appeared in 1925. During the Second World War the British designed Tiger Moth was built in many Commonwealth countries including New Zealand (the original Air New Zealand terminal at Wellington airport was part of the old Tiger Moth factory).


The RNZAF used a total of 335 Tiger Moths between 1939 and 1956 as basic trainers. Of these, 24 were impressed from civil to military service during World War 2.

DH 82After the Second World War, a large number of ex-RNZAF Tiger Moths were put to civilian use, many of these being used in the agricultural industry. In 1949 the first commercial top dressing flight was made by Tiger Moth ZK-ASO.

In addition many of these ex-military aircraft found there way into the ownership of aero clubs throught New Zealand, where they not only continued their role as training aircraft, but were also used for other purposes such as glider tugs.

Click hereCurrently there are roughly 50 Tiger Moths on the New Zealand register, with most of these actively flying.

Click the image at left to see a larger view of the 3D (anaglyph) image of a Tiger Moth (you'll need a pair of 3D red-blue glasses.



In the right hands the Tiger Moth is an excellent aerobatic performer.


The Tiger Moth was used extensively in New Zealand's agricultural industry.


Two Tigers perform together at a New Zealand airshow.


More aerobatics in another Tiger Moth.


Tiger Moth wing-walking.


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