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About Us

The principal Directors of the Historical Aviation Film Unit are:

Videographer, Editor
Chief Photographer


Allan specialises in moving images, and the written word. Having developed a passion for video editing in 2001, he's been filming aircraft and motor vehicles ever since. Allan also crafts much of HAFU's written work, including the design and publishing of HAFU's 'On The Wings of History' books, and a number of magazine articles that we've submitted over the years.

Between writing and video filming/editting assignments Allan is a professional software developer who has been producing sophisticated database systems since the late 1980's.



Alex is HAFU's chief stills photographer, and he's been taking high quality photographs of aircraft and motor vehicles since 1999. In addition to having a life-long interest in military aviation, Alex is also an accredited motorsport photographer and can frequently be found at one race track or another in Australasia (and sometimes further afield).

Outside of HAFU activities Alex fills his time as a professional photographer, and sometimes still uses his project management skills from a previous professional life to good effect.

In addition to Allan and Alex there are a number of other people who work closely with HAFU and who may be spotted wearing one of our hi-vis vests at various flying or motorsport events:

Wayne Bradly: Camera Assistant, and Chief Runner

Ralph Starck: Vintage Images Photography, Affiliated Stills Photographer

Allison Hogg: Affiliated Stills Photographer



Do You Require Photos or Video Footage For Your Next Project?

We can (and do) make some of our high resolution photographs or video footage available for use in books, magazines, broadcast TV programmes, or other documentary video productions.

In general you should expect to pay for the use of our library footage and/or still images, as it does cost us to capture and archive the material in the first place. Likewise there is a time factor and cost involved with dealing with individual requests that we have to take into consideration However, we always to try and keep useage and licensing charges to a reasonable and realistic level.

We're happy to hear from you -- explain to us what your project is, what resources you are looking for and what you want to do with the material we provide. You should also make us an offer of how much you are willing to pay for the material. Generally we do not have a fixed schedule of fees as we prefer to negotiate with you a fee that is appropriate for the use of the material and one that fits within your budget.


If you have any questions about this site, what we do, or indeed anything else, email us at: admin@aviationfilm.com:


AVIATION TOP 100 - www.avitop.com



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