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HAFU produces high quality still photographs and video footage of aviation, military vehicle, and motorsport activities, and publishes the material in a variety of formats for the enjoyment of enthusiasts worldwide.



NEW We've just released two new PDF e-books which are full of awesome vintage, warbird and military aircraft photos: Classic Fighters Marlborough - Vol 01 (France) and also Classic Fighters Marlborough - Vol 02 (The Movies). These are well suited to iPad and tablet use, and also feature links to the appropriate clips on our online video channel -- and all for less than the price of a cup of coffee!

NEW Our latest hard copy book, 'On The Wheels of History' is now available, as is the Special Military Vehicle Twin Pack in which you can get the book along with our Our WW2 Tracked Carriers in New Zealand DVD

+ Our High Definition Subscription-Based Video Channel Is Now Live